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Amos T. Akerman to Aaron F. Perry, 10 December 1870

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December 10, 1870. Aaron F. Perry, Esq. Cincinnati, Ohio. Sir: I send to you a copy of a letter addressed from this office a short time since to Stanley Matthews, Esq. That letter does not contemplate the continuance of your retainer in the cases in Tennessee, referred to, except upon the supposition that they are likely to be terminated before your service as a member of Congress shall begin. It has since been suggested to me that perhaps you will be able to render valuable service before the commencement of your term as a member, even if there should not be a conclusion of the cases by that time. If there is a probability that any important action in the cases will be taken before that time, I think it desirable that the Government should have your services. Will you be good enough to give me your views upon the matter?—There is certainly no intention in this office to lose the benefit of your services, in the event that you shall be able to render them. Very respectfully, A. T. Akerman.
special counsel for U. S.
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