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Amos T. Akerman to Garret Haudenbick, 10 December 1870

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December 10, 1870. Rev. Garret Haudenbeck, Norwalk, Conn. Sir: I have received your letter of the 7th instant. The case of Charles A. Willard, for whom you have fervently interceded, is under consideration here. From the facts, as reported by the officials, on whom we have called for information, I am apprehensive that the case will not justify an interference with the execution of his sentence. If, upon final investigation I should arrive at a different result, my pleasure in doing so will be much enhanced by the thought of giving pleasure to yourself, and to your worthy friends who have taken an interest in the matter. Here, the sympathies which are natural in such cases ought not to sway official action. If those charged with the administration of the laws, should be swayed by sympathy alone, justice would be generally wrecked. It is painful to disappoint those who mean well, but sometimes I am compelled to do so. Thanking you for the good will expressed in your letter to myself personally. I am, yours, &c, A. T. Akerman, Attorney General.
pardon case of C. A. Willard, Conn.
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