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Benjamin Helm Bristow to Duposseur & Co. and P. F. Bidault, 20 December 1870

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December 20, 1870. Messrs. Duposseur & Co., and P. F. Bidault, Liquidator, New Orleans, La. Sirs: Your letter with the accompanying papers, of December—, 1870, addressed to the Secretary of the Interior, has been referred by him to this Department. On consideration thereof, it is not thought that the Government of The United States is in any manner responsible to you, or either of you, for the sum of money mentioned in your letter as having been deposited in the Registry of The U. S. Circuit Court at New Orleans, and by the Clerk of the Court deposited in the First National Bank of New Orleans, the official depository of that Court. Very respectfully, B. H. Bristow, Solicitor General, and Acting Attorney General.
The U. S. not responsible
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