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Benjamin Helm Bristow to Henry L. Dawes, 6 January 1871

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January 6, 1871. Hon. Henry L. Dawes, Chairman of Committee on Appropriations, U.S.H.R. Sir: Upon an examination of the appriations​ required for the service of the fiscal year ending June 30, 1872, it appears that no appropriation was asked "for defraying the expenses of defending claims under the convention with Mexico, of July 4, 1868." On the other hand an estimate of Twenty five thousand dollars for that purpose was by mistake submitted as a deficiency for the present year. I respectfully request that you will cause this error to be corrected by inserting the said estimate in the proper appropriation bill for the next fiscal year. Very respectfully, &c. B. H. Bristow, Solicitor General & acting Attorney General.
Error in Appropriation Bill. (pay of Mexican commissioners)
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