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Amos T. Akerman to R. M. Corwine, 12 January 1871

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January 12, 1871. R. M. Corwine, Esq. Washington, D. C. Sir: You are hereby employed as special assistant to the U. S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, in cases No. 191 and 192, in the Admiralty docket of the District Court for the District of Columbia, known as the Farragut Prize and Head money cases, for a reasonable compensation, to be hereafter determined by this Department. Your services as counsel for the United States in said cases since the Act to establish the Department of Justice took effect, are hereby recognized as having been properly authorized. You will take the oath required by law to be taken by District Attorneys, and will transmit a copy of the same to this office. Very respectfully, A. T. Akerman, Attorney General.
employment as special U. S. Counsel (Dist. Col.)
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