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Amos T. Akerman to James P. Tustin, 18 January 1871

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January 18, 1871. James P. Tustin, Esq. Washington, D. C. Sir: Your letter of the 13 inst. requesting the return by the Attorney of the United States to the Commissioner of Pensions of the papers in the case of J. W. Skinner, was referred to the Secretary of the Interior, and by him returned to me in a communication bearing date the 17th instant, in which he stated that your letter had been referred to the Commissioner of Pensions, who returned it with the following endorsement: "Skinner has escaped, and his re-capture may reasonably be expected. The papers will be needed by the Patent Attorney in the further prosecution of the case." Very respectfully, &c A. T. Akerman, Attorney General.
papers case of J. W. Skinner
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