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Amos T. Akerman to William W. Belknap, 11 February 1871

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Feb. 11, 1871. Hon. W. W. Belknap, Secretary of War. Sir: The U. S. District Attorney for Southern Carolina has sent to me a letter of E. B. Seabrook, Esq. Solicitor of the first Circuit of The State of South Carolina, stating that certain officers and soldiers of the 8th Regiment U. S. Infantry are required as witnesses in a criminal prosecution under the laws of that State, for murder, in the Court of Sessions for the county of Charleston, which will sit on the 27th day of this month. The cause is that of the State, vs. William A. Johnson, principal, and John W. Morgan accessory. The witnesses required are Dagobert Solfield, Charles Margnarat, Eugene Smith, and Edward Stair, for the prosecution; Lieut. J. J. O'Connell, Co. D.; Lieut. A. W. Colliss, Charles Britton, Co. B.; Bernard Lyons, Co. B.;—Terhonay, Co. F.;—Hawkins, Co H.; and—Miller, Co. F., for the defence. These persons are not fully described by their military titles; but I send you the only description which I have received. Mr. Seabrook reports that the expenses of the witnesses will be borne by the State. I have to request that you will give directions for these persons to appear at the Court according to Mr. Seabrook's request. Very respectfully, &c. A. T. Akerman, Attorney General.
certain U. S. Soldiers, as witnesses (S. C.)
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