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Amos T. Akerman to S. R. Harlow, 11 February 1871

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Feb. 11, 1871. S.R Harlow, Esq. State U. S. Marshal, New York. Sir: On account of my absence from Washington at the time, your letter of Sept. 21st last, was not immediately answered. I have been unable to find any legal authority for paying a Deputy Marshal for serving a bench warrant out of his District, under the circumstances reported by you. I have no doubt that in this case the course which you pursued was to the pecuniary advantage of the government, and it is not at all surprising that you took it under the advice which you received. Still I have no right to set aside the law, however desirable it might be to have a different law in the case. I know of no relief for you but in an application to Congress. Very respectfully, A. T. Akerman, Attorney General.
no fund or law to pay
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