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Amos T. Akerman to J. F. Chaves, 11 February 1871

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Feb. 11, 1871. Hon. J. F. Chaves, Delegate from New Mexico, Washington, D. C. Sir: Your letter of this date informs me that the Hon. Joseph G. Palen Chief Justice of the Territory of New Mexico, performed extra services in the latter part of the year 1869, by holding courts in the Third District of the Territory, while the office of the Judge who should have held such courts, was vacant.—You report that he held these courts at great inconvenience, personal danger and expense to himself, and you request that I will recommend that he be paid the sum of fifteen hundred dollars, ($1570,) to compensate him for this labor and expense. This matter is entirely within the control of Congress. I have no knowledge of the circumstances except from your report, but it seems to me reasonable and just that for extra service he should receive extra compensation. Of the amount that would be proper I am not able to judge, but I have no doubt that the Judiciary Committee of the House, if satisfied of the propriety of any allowance, would be controled by your statements in that particular. You are at liberty to show this letter to any member of that Committee. Very respectfully, &c. A. T. Akerman, Attorney General
Extra service New Mex.
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