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Amos T. Akerman to J. Brown, 2 March 1871

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March 2, 1871. J. Brown, Esq. Atlanta, Geo. Sir: I have received yours of the 25th ultimo, in relation to alleged trespass of Capt. Blacker, a revenue officer, upon the person and property of Mr. Bolding, and asking my advice. I am not at liberty to give official advice to private parties. I will, however, suggest that if the law of the State has been violated by any persons professing to act under the authority of the United States, proceedings against them can be instituted in the State Courts. I will add that if you will transmit to me statements of misconduct by any United States officer in Georgia sufficiently circumstantial, and properly verified, I will
The concluding page of this letter has not been located. In the letter book, the following page begins a new letter.
complaint in Georgia
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