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Amos T. Akerman to Charles L. Woodbury, 13 March 1871

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March 13, 1871. Charles L. Woodbury, Esq. My dear Sir: I have delayed answering yours of the 4th, in the hope that I might be able to send a satisfactory answer by this time. From present appearances, the Court would not grant a motion to advance your case.— They have refused one such request, and have intimated that I have exhausted their indulgence in this particular by a large number of such requests, which they have granted. Appearances are now that No. 187 will not be reached, this term. If, when you come, I find that I can accommodate you, I shall take great pleasure in doing so—but I cannot promise it now. Hoping to have the pleasure of seeing you, I am, yours very truly, A. T. Akerman.
concerning certain Sup. Court case
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