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Amos T. Akerman to H. L. Bond, 16 March 1871

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March 16, 1871. Hon. H. L. Bond, U. S. Circuit Judge. Baltimore, Md. Sir: I enclose to you a copy of a communication transmitted to this office by the Commissioner of Internal Revenue, the same being a letter to him from Gen. B. R. Cowen Supervisor of Internal Revenue, dated Cincinnati, Ohio, March 13, 1871. This document charges that a U. S. Commissioner, at Wheeling, West Virginia, in your Circuit, Mr. Hannibal Forbes, retains depositions, under a claim of fees. The Act of Feb. 26, 1853, (10. U. S. Stat. 160,) provides a way for obtaining fees due to Commissioners from the United States. It appears to me, therefore, that Mr. Forbes' exaction in these cases is unlawful and extortionary, and I respectfully suggest that it may be well for the Circuit Court to inquire into the matter—and, if it appears that Mr. Forbes' conduct has been as represented, that he be removed from the office of Commissioner. Very respectfully, &c. A. T. Akerman, Attorney General.
Certain conduct of U. S. Com'r Forbes, West, Va.
see Ins. B'k B. p. 104.
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