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Amos T. Akerman to H. H. Leavitt, 25 March 1871

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March 25, 1871. Hon. H. H. Leavitt, Cincinnati, Ohio. Sir: I have received your letter of the 17th instant, in relation to an increase of the compensation of Mr. Bond, assistant District Attorney in your District. I had previously received communications on the same subject. I have held the matter under consideration in the hope of being able to do for Mr. Bond that which you request, and which his merits seem to authorize. I hesitate from an apprehension that the appropriation for the Judiciary fund, which the late Congress have, (perhaps unintentionally,) reduced, will not suffice to carry us through. In a few weeks, after the rush of business growing out of the sessions of Congress and the Supreme Court, is over, I shall be able to judge of the ability of the Department to make the required advance. Very respectfully, &c A. T. Akerman, Attorney General.
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Compensation of Mr. Bond. Ass't U. S. Atty, Ohio
see p. 546 ante.
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