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Amos T. Akerman to R. A. Hill, 6 April 1871

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April 6, 1871. R. A. Hill Oxford, Mississippi. Sir: I have received your letters of March 31st and April 1st, 1871. The statement of Mr. Vise to you that his explanation, transmitted by Mr. Matthews, was satisfactory to me, was unauthorized. It would be very difficult to convince me that it is excusable in a public officer to lease rooms to the Government, and receive pay from the Government for their use, while devoting a part of them to private purposes. In the unfortunate laxity of the times, perhaps Mr. Viser didn't consider his conduct as morally culpable. But I do not think that those who are charged in any degree with the execution of the law should tolerate such practices. Very respectfully, &c. A. T. Akerman, Attorney General.
conduct of Mr. Vise
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