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Amos T. Akerman to John W. Kingman, 22 April 1871

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April 22, 1871. Hon. John W. Kingman, Associate Justice, Cheyenne, Wyoming Terr. My dear Sir: I have received yours of the 18th instant. I remember you well as a schoolfellow at Exeter, and although I cannot be governed in official action by any such considerations, it will give me great pleasure if things so turn out that I can gratify an early friend consistently with official duty. I shall be pleased to hear from you, and to learn how the world has gone with you since we parted at our old nursery, Exeter. I have occasionally heard of you, but never have met you. Thirty-one years must have accumulated large experience for you, as the same period has for me, and I shall always take pleasure in hearing from you, and in seeing you, if you come where I happen to be. Very truly, A. T. Akerman.
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