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Ebenezer Rockwood Hoar to George S. Boutwell, 10 June 1869

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June 10, 1869. Hon. Geo. S. Boutwell, Secretary of the Treasury. Sir: I have rec'd your letter of this date, with the accompanying papers, all relating to a suit ag't the Manhattan Rubber Company, arising under the Internal Revenue laws, & now pending in Court in the Southern Dist. of New York.—A proposal is made to compromise this suit by the payment of the following sums of money, to wit: $83, as tax, $41.50 as assessed penalty, and $250, as specific penalty—amounting in all to $374.50.—I recommend that this proposal be accepted, & the suit be compromised on these terms. The papers accompanying your letter are returned herewith. Very Resp. &c. &c. E. R. Hoar, Attorney Gen.
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