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W. A. Field to C. W. Hall, 1 July 1869

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July 1, 1869. C. W. Hall, Esq. Knoxville, Tenn. Sir: I have received your letter of the 29th ult., relating to the case of the United States, by indictment, vs. Hoxsie, et al. It is the intention of this office to allow you such reasonable compensation as lawyers of your rank usually receive in your State for professional services in cases of the kind and magnitude of this indictment against Hoxsie, et al. The Attorney General thought that this should be first determined by yourself and the District Attorney, and it was made subject to the approval of the Attorney General, because your compensation being payable out of moneys under his control, the amount of compensation must be approved by him before it can be paid—and he preferred to exercise his judgment upon the reasonableness of the amount charged, after the services were rendered. He is unwilling to stipulate in advance that the minimum fee shall be Five hundred dollars, and cannot authorize your being retained in the case except upon the terms expressed in his letter to the District Attorney of June 22, ult.—Will you please give notice to this Office whether you will appear in the case upon these terms? Very Respectfully, Your obedient servant, W. A. Field, Acting Attorney Gen'l.
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