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Amos T. Akerman to Columbus Delano, 16 February 1871

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Feb. 16, 1871. Hon. C. Delano, Secretary of the Interior. Sir: By the Act approved January 22d, 1867, (14 Statutes, p. 379.) setting aside certain proceeds from Internal Revenues for the erection of penitentiaries therein named, the erection of such penitentiaries is placed under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior. And by the Act approved January 10th, 1871, entitled "An Act in relation to certain Territorial Penitentiaries," the penitentiary which has been, or may hereafter be erected by the United States in any organized Territory, when the same is ready, is placed under the care and control of the Marshal for the Territory in which such Penitentiary may be situate​ . By a second section of this last named Act, it is made the duty of the "Attorney General to prescribe all the needful rules and regulations for the government of such penitentiary." I have the honor to request that you will inform me whether any of the Penitentiaries authorized by the Act of January 22, 1867, to be erected, have been completed, and are ready for the reception of convicts. Very respectfully, &c. A. T. Akerman, Attorney General.
Erection of U.S. Penitentiaries.
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