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Walt Whitman to Webster Elmes, 9 [July] 1872

Webster Elmes, Chief Clark. Dear Sir:

I have been badly pulled by the heat—am sick—(home here with my mother)—& would respectfully apply for two weeks further leave—if it can be granted.

If so, I will try to make it up.

Yours, &c. Walt Whitman 107 north Portland av. Brooklyn, New York.

I am due at office on the 11th, and would ask two weeks extension from that date.2


  • 1. By mistake Whitman wrote "June." [back]
  • 2. Whitman's letter was endorsed by Elmes: "Walt Whitman Brooklyn July 9, 1872 Applies for extension of leave of absence for two weeks Office Solicitor of the Treasury July, 11/72 Extension granted as requested by direction of Asst. Solicitor, & Mr Whitman advised." [back]
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