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Rodney R. Worster to Walt Whitman, 28 March 1864

Friend Walt

You may be somewhat surprised to hear from me but I1 have not forgotten you although you have lost sight of me I am one of Uncle Sams Boys going the whole Hog for Union & The Constitution as it was. I belong to the 133rd NY V[olunteer]s & Bully Boys are we we have seen some service where Rebel shot & shell flew some at the Battle of Bisland we bore our part & I believe acquired ourselves manfully some of our brave fellows fell there. we were also at the siege & capture of Port Hudson where our Col was wounded & many of our men were killed in fact it would take me to long & ocupy to much space this time to tell you one half the places or the adventures we have passed through since we left Gotham suffice it to say that we are at present doing garison Duty here Bonet Carra is situated on the banks of the Missisippi about 35 miles above New Orleans our Dutys are light barely enough for healthy exercise the camp right on the bank of the River, the air pure & wholesome. I dont know that there are any here with whom you are personally acquainted we are A compound mixture of all sorts Stage Drivers Policemen Hotel & Steam Boat runners Old Sports in hard luck Dry goods Clerks & Broken Down merchants all mixed together & on the most friendly terms with each other we have all sorts of sports Ball play being the favorite we are havin A jimnasium built in which we may break our necks if we like on the whole we pass the time pleasantly enough with now & then A twinge of Home sickness but it all comes in the Prrogramme & we take it as it comes I am & have been with slight exceptions in good Health plenty to eat comfortable clothing what more need I ask but I am tired of the war & wish it was over but I fear that I shall tire your patience will close by subscribing vour sincere Friend

Rodney R. Worster Co C 133rd Reg. NY VS New Orleans or else where Please direct as above


  • 1. Rodney R. Worster enlisted in Company C, 133rd New York Infantry, as a private on 19 August 1862 at the age of 37. The 133rd New York participated in the siege of Port Hudson, Louisiana, during May and June 1863, and remained on garrison duty there until March 1864, when the regiment was transferred to defend New Orleans. Worster received a disability discharge from the hospital in New York on 16 Jan 1865. [back]
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