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Walt Whitman to William D. O'Connor, 25 June 1864

Dear friend

I write just a line to let you know I got home all safe—I do not feel very well yet, but expect to, or begin to, pretty soon—I send my love to you & Nelly & to Charles Eldridge2--

Walt Whitman


  • 1. This letters is endorsed, "Answ'd." The envelope for this letter bears the address: Wm D O'Connor | Washington | D C. It is postmarked: Brooklyn N Y | Jun | 2 (?). [back]
  • 2. Walt Whitman left Washington on June 22, 1864. On July 5, 1864, Ellen O'Connor wrote: "It will be two weeks to-morrow since you left us, and I have missed you terribly every minute of the time. I think I never in my life felt so wholly blue and unhappy about any one's going away as I did, and have since, about your going. I began to be really superstitious I felt so badly. I did not think that you were going to die, but I could not possibly overcome the feeling that our dear and pleasant circle was broken, and it seemed to me that we four [the O'Connors, Charles Eldridge, and Whitman] should not be together any more as we have been. . . . Ah! Walt, I don't believe other people need you as much as we do. I am sure they don't need you as much as I do" (Charles E. Feinberg Collection). [back]
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