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William E. Babcock to Walt Whitman, 18 October 1864

 nyp.00224.001.jpg Walt. Whitman Dear Sir

Your Letter came to hand this morning and I hasten to answer the Same.1

Your Brothers Effects will be Sent forward to Your Mothers address, Soon as we can get a permit from the Provost Marshall General, which I have this day Sent a request for.

I was much pleased to hear from him and the rest of the Officers that were taken prisoners with him. And I know they were neither wounded  nyp.00224.002.jpgnor killed, as we had no chance of hearing from them until your Letter Arrived.

Every thing is quiet with Us and no news. So I will bring this to a close, by requesting you to write Soon.

Yours &c. William E Babcock  
 1st Lieut 51 N.YV

P.S. Letters from You will at all Times be received & Answered with pleasure  
 WE Babcock



  • 1. William E. Babcock was a lieutenant in George Washington Whitman's Fifty-first Regiment, New York Volunteers. [back]
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