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Lizzie H. Smith to Walt Whitman, 17 September 1864

 nyp.00230.001_large.jpg Mr Whitman

I take the liberty of addressing you at the request of my cousin Milton S. Roberts, at whose home I am making a brief visit. He would not have delayed writing until this late hour, but he has not been well & did not feel in the mood of writing, & and under such circumstances did not think his letters would be very interesting. He has spoken a great many times to his friends how very very kind you were to him, & I assure you Mr. Whitman those kind attentions will never be forgotten. I hope that you may long be spared to do good among our sick & wounded soldiers, who indeed must feel very grateful to meet  nyp.00230.002_large.jpgwith such a friend as my cousin represents yourself to be. Kind words which cost nothing will often cheer their drooping spirits & as it sure give them new life and courage. My cousin seems to be gaining slowly, & his friends does not think him strong enough to return for two or three weeks. He would be likely to gain strength much faster at home thou he could in Washington

He wished me to write you, if you would not be kind enough to see Dr Bliss in regards to his furlough being extended a several weeks longer, by doing this you will confer a great favor, he would have been in Washington at the time his furlough expired if he had been able, & as it was he was very anxious to go, but his friends did not deem it prudent. Please write him as soon as you can make it conveneient​ what Dr Bliss says. Milton thinks that by the time he receives a letter from you that he will be able to answer it. Mr. Whitman we all thank you more nyp.00230.003_large.jpgthan words can express for your kindness to Milton.

Respectfully Lizzie H. Smith

Please direct Milton S. Roberts to Waterboro home.

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