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David F. Wright to Walt Whitman, 4 January 1865

 nyp.00231.001.jpg Mr Walt Whitman Dear Sir,

I1 have since learned that you called at the "DeSoto" immediately after I had left. I remained there till 6:30 P.M. & thinking that you were prevented calling by another engagement, I left for home. I would be happy to meet you at any time you may be pleased to appoint. In company with Capt Holbrook I invited a gentleman, who has a relative—a prisoner of war at Camp Chase, Ohio. he is desirous of obtaining the name of  nyp.00231.002.jpgsome Captains, an order to obtain his exchange, by securing the release of the Captains. Your brother's name was given & the party promised to act upon it immediately. I can say nothing of its results.

Several of my brother officers are desirous of obtaining a copy of "the Reconnysance" by Capt Sim's. & I would esteem it as a great favor, if you would enclose it, in a letter & send it to my address. I will assure you of its being returned in good order.

You will please accept a copy of my Ca[illegible] accounts in exchange for your own.  nyp.00231.003.jpg With every assurance of respect I remain

Your Servant David F. Wright2 address. Box 602 Post office


  • 1. David F. Wright enlisted in the Union Army in August 1861. He served in the New York Fifty-first until his discharge in October 1864. His brother, John Gibson Wright, was taken prisoner with Walt Whitman's brother, George Washington Whitman, at Petersburg. [back]
  • 2. In Whitman scholarship, this letter traditionally has been attributed to Dana F. Wright, based on Wright's signature. Descendants of Wright as well as military roster and census data confirm Wright's first name as David. [back]
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