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Walt Whitman to Ellen M. O'Connor, 1 May [1874]

Dear Nelly,

I will write you just a line—it is still the same with me—the same strange alternations—not perhaps quite as well, of late, (the last ten or twelve days)—& yet I dontdon't​ abandon my anchorage of heart & hope—dontdon't​ feel to, which is a main thing with me—I have a good deal of pain, more or less steady, in my left side—in addition to the bad spells in the head—To-day has been pleasant, & I was out hobbling around from 10 to 12—probably overdid matters—as I came back sick & have been so since—(though not enough to prevent me from eating some nice stewed oysters in moderation for my dinner, a half hour since)—

So dontdon't​ be needlessly apprehensive, Nelly dear—for I shall get better, & we will meet yet—

When you write tell me about my dear Mr & Mrs. Ashton—I wrote them a line off-hand, which I suppose they rec'd​ . Tell me all the news—tell me about Charles Eldridge—& all my other friends.

With love— Walt


  • 1. This letter is endorsed, "Ans'd." Its envelope bears the address, "Mrs. E. M. O'Connor | 1015 O st. near 11th N. W. | Washington | D.C. " It is postmarked: "Camden | May | 1 | N.J." [back]
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