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Walt Whitman to Peter Doyle, 12 February [1875]

All about as usual. Yours rec'd​ . The past week here the stormiest of winter—have kept in—



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    This postcard bears the address, "Pete Doyle, | M st South, bet 4½ & 6th | Washington, D.C." It is postmarked: "Camden | Feb | 12 | N.J.; Carrier | 13 | Feb | (?) AM."

    The four brief postcards to Doyle in February 1875 were written on Fridays, and the discussion of his ailments is confirmed in Whitman's March 2, 1875 letter to John and Ursula Burroughs, which can be positively assigned to this year. Obviously this postcard was written before Whitman's visit to Washington in November 1875.

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