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Walt Whitman to William D. O'Connor, 17 February [1883]

The publisher of Dr Bucke's book wants your letter or preface to the Good G[ray] P[oet]2—If he had it, would put the copy in hand on the 20th—wants to put the copy in the printers' hands in a lump—Can't you send it immediately? Send to me here—



  • 1. This letter is endorsed: "Answ'd Feb 19/83." It is addressed: Wm D O'Connor | Life Saving Service Bureau | Treasury | Washington | D C. It is postmarked: Washington, Recd. | Feb | (?) 8 | (?) AM | 1883 | 2. [back]
  • 2. Bucke's biography included a letter from O'Connor dated February 22, 1883, which served as a preface to his reprint of The Good Gray Poet. [back]
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