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Walt Whitman to William D. O'Connor, [19 September 1883]

offered for the Sunday Edition1 about Walt Whitman Dr Bucke's Book To the Editor of the Sun

The following answer of mine to an article in the Nation of July 26 having been refused publication by that paper, it is sent to you, not in any controversial spirit, but because the facts I give are of current interest, and should be kept well before the American public, especially the New York portion of it. Washington Sept: 1883

I suggest that you send it to the N. Y. Sun for their Sunday edition—with the preceding note—Dana I think is more or less friendly2


  • 1. This letter is endorsed: "Answ'd Sept 22/83." It is addressed: Wm D O'Connor | Life Saving Service | Treasury | Washington | D C. It is postmarked: Philadelphia | Pa. | Sep 19 83 | 1 30 PM. [back]
  • 2. Dana, the editor of the New York Sun, who was one of Whitman's early admirers, rejected the article, according to O'Connor's post card of September 24. [back]
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