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Leon Richeton to Walt Whitman, 10 December 1880

 nyp_nhg.00007_large.jpg answer send pictures Sir,

Permit me to introduce myself to you before I state the purpose of my letter. I am an etcher and I enclose a few notices from The Times and other journals in case you have never seen any of my works in America.

I have seen an imperfect portrait of you and have a great desire to etch a better one, if you will kindly grant me your permission to do so. Have you not a photograph of yourself without a hat, as I would  nyp_nhg.00010_large.jpg prefer to etch your portrait without that disguise—a hat being a merely extraneous adjunct of a head which by itself has characteristics far more interesting to the artiste.

If you have such a photograph will you kindly send it to me—supposing you do not object to my etching your portrait. The photograph shall be returned to you along with some proofs which in advance I beg you to accept.

Yours faithfully Leon Richeton Walt Whitman Esqr  nyp_nhg.00008_large.jpg

P.S. I must ask you to be kind enough to return to me the enclosed notices of my works.

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