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Martha Whitman to Walt Whitman, 30 March 1870

St. Louis Water Works, ENGINEER'S OFFICE, Corner of Fourth and Elm Streets, My dear Walt

I suppose you think strange that I hav'nt written you before but I wanted to get some nice paper to send a few lines to Mrs O Conner. but I will enclose a few lines to her in this letter

The children were delighted to have me home again and Jeff too seemed to think I was quite an addition to the family. I am glad I went to Brooklyn it has improved me much. but was sorry to find Mammy so lame some days she is very bad. I told Jeff and the children that you are coming  owu.00006.002.jpg  owu.00006.003.jpg to St Louis before long. they are very much delighted and there is another thing Walt Mammy promised me that she would come with you so you see we wont let you off with a promise but you must really come

Jeff is well he misses Davis very much but the work goes on well we have delightful weather here everything looks like Spring I am glad I put off my visit to Washington Jeff thinks it best too that I did not go and I still can have it in anticipation.

The children send their love and they want you to write to them as I want to write to Mother I will say good night from your sister


Walt please say to Mrs O Conner that I am truly sorry that I could not accept her very kind invitation to visit her at Washington.

on account of the weather being so changeable this time of year I thought it would be better to return to St Louis

The accomodation would have been ample and I should have enjoyed a visit with Mrs O Conner very much indeed

Please convey to them my love and express to them my hearty thanks for their kindness—also say to Mrs O C and family that we should very much enjoy having them visit us in St Louis if they could accomplish it

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