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To Thee, Old Cause!

Part of the cluster INSCRIPTIONS.


1To thee, old Cause! Thou peerless, passionate, good cause! Thou stern, remorseless, sweet Idea! Deathless throughout the ages, races, lands! After a strange, sad war—great war for thee, (I think all war through time was really fought, and  
 ever will be really fought, for thee;)
These chants for thee—the eternal march of thee.
2Thou orb of many orbs! Thou seething principle! Thou well-kept, latent germ! Thou centre!   [ begin page 12 ]ppp.00270.014.jpg Around the idea of thee the strange sad war revolv- 
With all its angry and vehement play of causes, (With yet unknown results to come, for thrice a thou- 
 sand years,)
These recitatives for thee—my Book and the War are  
Merged in its spirit I and mine—as the contest hinged  
 on thee,
As a wheel on its axis turns, this Book, unwitting to  
Around the Idea of thee.

Part of the cluster INSCRIPTIONS.

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