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To the States,

Part of the cluster LEAVES OF GRASS.


To Identify the 16th, 17th, or 18th Presidentiad.

WHY reclining, interrogating? Why myself and all  
What deepening twilight! scum floating atop of the  
Who are they, as bats and night-dogs, askant in the  
What a filthy Presidentiad! (O south, your torrid suns!  
 O north, your arctic freezings!)
Are those really Congressmen? are those the great  
 Judges? is that the President?
Then I will sleep awhile yet—for I see that These States  
 sleep, for reasons;
(With gathering murk—with muttering thunder and  
 lambent shoots, we all duly awake,
South, north, east, west, inland and seaboard, we will  
 surely awake.)

Part of the cluster LEAVES OF GRASS.

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