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Leaves of Grass 1

Part of the cluster LEAVES OF GRASS.


1 THINK of the Soul; I swear to you that body of yours gives proportions  
 to your Soul somehow to live in other spheres;
I do not know how, but I know it is so.
2Think of loving and being loved; I swear to you, whoever you are, you can interfuse  
 yourself with such things that everybody that  
 sees you shall look longingly upon you.
3Think of the past; I warn you that in a little while, others will find their  
 past in you and your times.
4The race is never separated—nor man nor woman  
All is inextricable—things, spirits, nature, nations, 
 you too—from precedents you come.
5Recall the ever-welcome defiers, (The mothers pre- 
 cede them;)
Recall the sages, poets, saviors, inventors, lawgivers, 
 of the earth;
Recall Christ, brother of rejected persons—brother of  
 slaves, felons, idiots, and of insane and diseas'd  
6Think of the time when you was not yet born; Think of times you stood at the side of the dying; Think of the time when your own body will be dying.   [ begin page 286 ]ppp.00473.286.jpg 7Think of spiritual results, Sure as the earth swims through the heavens, does  
 every one of its objects pass into spiritual  
8Think of manhood, and you to be a man; Do you count manhood, and the sweet of manhood, 
9Think of womanhood, and you to be a woman; The creation is womanhood; Have I not said that womanhood involves all? Have I not told how the universe has nothing better  
 than the best womanhood?

Part of the cluster LEAVES OF GRASS.

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