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Thoughts 2

Part of the cluster THOUGHTS.


OF seeds dropping into the ground—of birth, Of the steady concentration of America, inland, up- 
 ward, to impregnable and swarming places,
Of what Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and the rest, are  
 to be,
Of what a few years will show there in Nebraska,  
 Colorado, Nevada, and the rest;
Of what the feuillage of America is the preparation  
 for—and of what all the sights, North, South,  
 East and West, are;
Of the temporary use of materials, for identity's  
Of departing—of the growth of a mightier race than  
 any yet,
Of myself, soon, perhaps, closing up my songs by  
 these shores,
Of California—of Oregon—and of me journeying to  
 live and sing there;
Of the Western Sea—of the spread inland between it  
 and the spinal river,
Of the great pastoral area, athletic and feminine, Of all sloping down there where the fresh free giver,  
 the mother, the Mississippi flows,
Of future men and women there—of happiness in  
 those high plateaus, ranging three thousand  
 miles, warm and cold;
Of cities yet unsurvey'd and unsuspected, (as I am  
 also, and as it must be;)
Of the new and good names—of the strong develop- 
 ments—of inalienable homesteads;
Of a free and original life there—of simple diet and  
 clean and sweet blood;
Of litheness, majestic faces, clear eyes, and perfect  
 physique there;
  [ begin page 27c ]ppp.00473.461.jpg Of immense spiritual results, future years, each side  
 of the Anahuacs;
Of these leaves, well understood there, (being made  
 for that area;)
Of the native scorn of grossness and gain there; (O it lurks in me night and day—What is gain, after  
 all, to savageness and freedom?)

Part of the cluster THOUGHTS.

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