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On Journeys Through the States.

Part of the cluster INSCRIPTIONS.


ON journeys through the States we start, (Ay through the world, urged by these songs, Sailing henceforth to every land, to every sea,) We willing learners of all, teachers of all, and lovers of all. We have watch'd the seasons dispensing themselves and passing  
And have said, Why should not a man or woman do as much as  
 the seasons, and effuse as much?
We dwell a while in every city and town, We pass through Kanada, the North-east, the vast valley of the  
 Mississippi, and the Southern States,
We confer on equal terms with each of the States, We make trial of ourselves and invite men and women to hear, We say to ourselves, Remember, fear not, be candid, promulge the  
 body and the soul,
Dwell a while and pass on, be copious, temperate, chaste, mag- 
And what you effuse may then return as the seasons return, And may be just as much as the seasons.

Part of the cluster INSCRIPTIONS.

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