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"The Rounded Catalogue Divine Complete."


[Sunday,–– – ––.–Went this forenoon to church. A college professor, Rev. Dr.——, gave us a fine sermon, during which I caught the above words; but the minister included in his "rounded catalogue" letter and spirit, only the esthetic things, and entirely ignored what I name in the following:] The devilish and the dark, the dying and diseas'd, The countless (nineteen-twentieths) low and evil, crude and  
The crazed, prisoners in jail, the horrible, rank, malignant, Venom and filth, serpents, the ravenous sharks, liars, the disso- 
(What is the part the wicked and the loathesome bear within  
 earth's orbic scheme?)
Newts, crawling things in slime and mud, poisons, The barren soil, the evil men, the slag and hideous rot.
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