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Enfans D'adam 8

Part of the cluster Enfans d'Adam.


NATIVE moments! when you come upon me—Ah  
 you are here now!
Give me now libidinous joys only! Give me the drench of my passions! Give me life  
 coarse and rank!
To-day, I go consort with nature's darlings—to-night  
  [ begin page 311 ]ppp.01500.319.jpg I am for those who believe in loose delights—I share  
 the midnight orgies of young men,
I dance with the dancers, and drink with the drink- 
The echoes ring with our indecent calls, I take for my love some prostitute—I pick out some  
 low person for my dearest friend,
He shall be lawless, rude, illiterate—he shall be one  
 condemned by others for deeds done;
I will play a part no longer—Why should I exile  
 myself from my companions?
O you shunned persons! I at least do not shun you, I come forthwith in your midst—I will be your poet, I will be more to you than to any of the rest.

Part of the cluster Enfans d'Adam.

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