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Calamus 14

Part of the cluster CALAMUS.


NOT heat flames up and consumes, Not sea-waves hurry in and out, Not the air, delicious and dry, the air of the ripe  
 summer, bears lightly along white down-balls of  
 myriads of seeds, wafted, sailing gracefully, to  
 drop where they may,
Not these—O none of these, more than the flames  
 of me, consuming, burning for his love whom I  
O none, more than I, hurrying in and out; Does the tide hurry, seeking something, and never  
 give up? O I the same;
O nor down-balls, nor perfumes, nor the high  
 rain-emitting clouds, are borne through the open  
Any more than my Soul is borne through the open  
Wafted in all directions, O love, for friendship, for  

Part of the cluster CALAMUS.

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