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Calamus 32

Part of the cluster CALAMUS.


WHAT think you I take my pen in hand to record? The battle-ship, perfect-model'd, majestic, that I saw  
 pass the offing to-day under full sail?
The splendors of the past day? Or the splendor of the  
 night that envelops me?
Or the vaunted glory and growth of the great city  
 spread around me?—No;
But I record of two simple men I saw to-day, on the  
 pier, in the midst of the crowd, parting the part- 
 ing of dear friends,
  [ begin page 373 ]ppp.01500.381.jpg The one to remain hung on the other's neck, and pas- 
 sionately kissed him,
While the one to depart, tightly prest the one to  
 remain in his arms.

Part of the cluster CALAMUS.

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