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WHO includes diversity, and is Nature, Who is the amplitude of the earth, and the coarseness  
 and sexuality of the earth, and the great charity  
 of the earth, and the equilibrium also,
Who has not looked forth from the windows, the eyes,  
 for nothing, or whose brain held audience with  
 messengers for nothing;
Who contains believers and disbelievers—Who is the  
 most majestic lover;
Who holds duly his or her triune proportion of realism,  
 spiritualism, and of the æsthetic, or intellectual,
Who, having considered the body, finds all its organs  
 and parts good;
Who, out of the theory of the earth, and of his or her  
 body, understands by subtle analogies, the theory  
 of a city, a poem, and of the large politics of  
 These States;
  [ begin page 415 ]ppp.01500.423.jpg Who believes not only in our globe, with its sun and  
 moon, but in other globes, with their suns and  
Who, constructing the house of himself or herself, not  
 for a day, but for all time, sees races, eras, dates,  
The past, the future, dwelling there, like space, insep- 
 arable together.
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