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Outlines for a Tomb.

Part of the cluster AUTUMN RIVULETS.


(G. P., Buried 1870.)


WHAT may we chant, O thou within this tomb? What tablets, outlines, hang for thee, O millionnaire? The life thou lived'st we know not, But that thou walk'dst thy years in barter, 'mid the haunts of  
Nor heroism thine, nor war, nor glory.


Silent, my soul, With drooping lids, as waiting, ponder'd, Turning from all the samples, monuments of heroes.   [ begin page 295 ]ppp.01663.301.jpg While through the interior vistas, Noiseless uprose, phantasmic, (as by night Auroras of the north,) Lambent tableaus, prophetic, bodiless scenes, Spiritual projections. In one, among the city streets a laborer's home appear'd, After his day's work done, cleanly, sweet-air'd, the gaslight burning, The carpet swept and a fire in the cheerful stove. In one, the sacred parturition scene, A happy painless mother birth'd a perfect child. In one, at a bounteous morning meal, Sat peaceful parents with contented sons. In one, by twos and threes, young people, Hundreds concentring, walk'd the paths and streets and roads, Toward a tall-domed school. In one a trio beautiful, Grandmother, loving daughter, loving daughter's daughter, sat, Chatting and sewing. In one, along a suite of noble rooms, 'Mid plenteous books and journals, paintings on the walls, fine  
Were groups of friendly journeymen, mechanics young and old, Reading, conversing.
All, all the shows of laboring life, City and country, women's, men's and children's, Their wants provided for, hued in the sun and tinged for once  
 with joy,
Marriage, the street, the factory, farm, the house-room, lodging- 
Labor and toil, the bath, gymnasium, playground, library, college, The student, boy or girl, led forward to be taught, The sick cared for, the shoeless shod, the orphan father'd and  
The hungry fed, the houseless housed; (The intentions perfect and divine, The workings, details, haply human.)


O thou within this tomb, From thee such scenes, thou stintless, lavish giver,   [ begin page 296 ]ppp.01663.302.jpg Tallying the gifts of earth, large as the earth, Thy name an earth, with mountains, fields and tides. Nor by your streams alone, you rivers, By you, your banks Connecticut, By you and all your teeming life old Thames, By you Potomac laving the ground Washington trod, by you  
You Hudson, you endless Mississippi—nor you alone, But to the high seas launch, my thought, his memory.

Part of the cluster AUTUMN RIVULETS.

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