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Walt Whitman to Edward P. Clark, 13 June 1874

Edward P. Clark Dear Sir,

In answer to your note I send enclosed a copy of my poem for Tuft's College on the 17th—which you are at liberty to publish on the 18th.1 I am not well enough to journey to College Hill, but have sent the piece & requested that it be read in its place on the programme, 17th, exactly the same as though I were present—which doubtless will be done.

Walt Whitman

Edward P. Clark was the managing editor of the Springfield Republican. He appears to have written, in a letter now lost, to Whitman to request permission to publish the poem, "Song of the Universal," which Whitman was originally scheduled to deliver before the Mathematician Society of Tufts College on June 17. See the letter from Whitman to J. C. Mann of March 25, 1874.


  • 1. Per Whitman's request, "Song of the Universal" appeared in the Springfield Republican on June 18, 1874. [back]
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