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Walt Whitman to the Editor of the New York Herald, [January 1876]

Editor Herald.1 Dear Sir:

Would like to have say a four or five column article for the paper embodying the poems, &c. of my new book "Two Rivulets," to publish say eight or ten days before their issue by me?—making a resume of the book in advance giving the principal pieces, (hitherto unpublished—& to be first printed in said article.) If so, I will make out such an article & send you, for your determination. The price would be $200.

I have thought that as you like to have things in advance—& also to give variety to the paper—such a proposition might be acceptable. If not, no harm done.



  • 1. This copy of a letter Whitman sent to the editor of the Herald is on the reverse of Whitman's letter to Jeannette Glider of January 30, 1876. [back]
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