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Walt Whitman to Rudolf Schmidt, 28 September 1880

I have been spending the summer in Canada, especially on the Lakes, & the Thousand Islands, & the river St Lawrence—have jaunted leisurely over 3000 miles—It is a singularly healthy, beautiful interesting country, this Canada, (it is as large as the U S—population, 4½ millions, very advanced, very sound, a good race, ⅔ds English ⅓ French)—I am now on my way home to Camden—address me there as formerly—I am unusually well for a half-paralytic—

Walt Whitman


  • 1. This letter is addressed: Rudolf Schmidt | Baggesen's Gate No 3 | Copenhagen | Denmark. It is postmarked: Hamilton | Sp 28 | 80 | Canada; K | Omb. 1 | 14–10–80. [back]
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