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Charles Allen Thorndike Rice to Walt Whitman, 14 July 1885

 syr_kc.00045_large.jpg see notes March 12 1889 July 14th 1885 A. Thorndike Rice Rice, A.T. THE NORTH AMERICAN REVIEW, Walt Whitman Esquire My Dear Sir:

I take pleasure in soliciting your literary cooperation in an enterprise which has been conducted with great success since the beginning of the year. A number of important American newspapers, among which may be mentioned such as the New York Tribune, Philadelphia Press, Detroit Post, Chicago Times, St. Paul Pioneer Press etc. have agreed to combine in receiving for their Sunday Editions articles arranged for and edited by me, to be written by distinguished authors, scientists, travellers, and men of affairs  syr_kc.00047_large.jpg on both sides of the Atlantic. Many eminent contributors in Europe and America have already written, and many others have promised to write. The papers in which these articles are published reach nearly two millions of the most intelligent people of the country. The aim is that these papers should be as far as possible of a bright and popular character '(even when treating of serious topics) such as would interest the reader of newspapers and magazines; and I sincerely hope you will find it consistent with your obligations to give me your literary assistance.

I should like a paper from you at your very earliest leisure about 3000 words in length and leave  syr_kc.00046_large.jpg  syr_kc.00048_large.jpg the subject somewhat to yourself, only asking that it shall be of a popular character. I shall be glad to send you an honorarium of $50 for such a paper. Hoping to hear from you very soon and that you can give me the article at once,1 I remain,

Yours Very Truly A. Thorndike Rice Jr.

Charles Allen Thorndike Rice (1851–1889) was a journalist and edited and published the North American Review in New York from 1876 until his death. His Reminiscences of Abraham Lincoln by Distinguished Men of His Time (1888) was published by The North American Review Publishing Company.


  • 1. Whitman's "Booth and the Old Bowery" was published in the New York Tribune on August 16, 1885. Whitman recieved $60 for it. See also his letter to Charles Allen Thorndike Rice of August 12, 1885. [back]
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