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W. A. Jellison to Walt Whitman, 9 March 1864

Dear Uncle Walter

You will doubtless be Somewhat Surprised to learn that I1 am in Washington but here I am and will try and give you a few details of my Adventures Since I left Armory Square Well I went to Camp Destribution well after we got thare the doctor Sent word around for all the wounded men to be Examined he Sent me to Angaer General Hospital then I was Examined thare by the Board and Ordered to be Sent to Washington what they will do with me now is more than I can tell thare now haint I done well Oh! I would like to see you verry much for I like Uncle Walter verry much now dont think I am trying to play the flatterer for I haint no Such a person

now I want you to come up and See me Just as soon as you can and the first pass I can get I am coming to see you for I have got lots to tell you that would be Imposible to write please drop me a note by Return mail in the meantime I am yours Etc.


  • 1. William A. Jellison, at age 18, enlisted in the 6th Maine on 25 October 1862. Whitman's notebook contains the following description written in another hand: "William A. Jellison. Company 'H' 6th Me Reg home address West Enfield Maine". See Edward F. Grier, ed., Notes and Unpublished Prose Manuscripts (New York: New York University Press, 1961–84), 2:673. Jellison transferred to the 1st Maine on 15 August 1864. [back]
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