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Margaret S. Curtis to Walt Whitman, 1 October 1863

Mr. Whitman, Sir,

It was with exceeding interest that Mr Curtis & I1 listened to the letter you lately wrote to Dr. Russell,2 which came to us through my sister Miss Stevenson.

Its effect was to make us desire to aid you in the good work you are engaged in,—caring for the sick & wounded soldiers. We inclose thirty dollars, & feel very glad to have the opportunity to minister to their comfort. Mr Curtis would send it anonymously, but I think it is pleasant to know where one has excited an interest, & in asking you to acknowledge its receipt, my wish is, most to be sure that it has reached its destination.

My direction is to care of Charles P. Curtis, Boston.

With regard, I am, Margaret S. Curtis


  • 1. Margaret S. Curtis, wife of a Boston counselor, and her sister, Hannah E. Stevenson, sent sums of money to Whitman (see Whitman's letter from October 8, 1863). According to the Boston Directory of 1888, Mrs. Curtis died on March 13 of that year. [back]
  • 2. Dr. Le Baron Russell (1814–1819) was a Boston physician who was well acquainted with Ralph Waldo Emerson and James Redpath. Along with other philanthropically minded citizens, Russell sent Whitman money to be used in easing the suffering of the Civil War wounded languishing in the Washington, D.C., area. [back]
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