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Walt Whitman to Edward Carpenter, 30 May 1881

My dear Edward Carpenter,

Yours of May 14 rec'd, with the £32—Many thanks—I send the three L of G by same mail with this, same address—please notify me soon as they reach you safely—

I am much as usual—Pretty well a good deal of the time—go down to the Staffords' farm often—was there two weeks of this month—they are well—have not forgotten you—Harry still works at telegraphing—

I was on in Boston five weeks since—but I believe I sent you a little printed item of my jaunt—

I sympathize with you in the loss of the dear mother—I have drunk of that cup—Commend me faithfully in good wishes to my unmet friends you come across—to Robert Sharkland, whose name I have written as you desired, in the Volume—

Write to me as often as you can, my dear friend—& I will try the same to you—

Walt Whitman


  • 1. This letter bears the address: Edward Carpenter | Bradway | near Sheffield | England. It is postmarked: Camden | May | 30 | 12 M | N.J. [back]
  • 2. Carpenter's letter is not known. On July 1 Carpenter wrote from Sheffield what Whitman termed a "good letter": "These friends that I have here and my more natural open air life seem to have made a difference to me. I feel as if I had touched the bottom at last, and had something firm to go upon—after floundering about so long. Thanks for all that also to you." [back]
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