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Walt Whitman to Anne Gilchrist, 28 September 1880

 upa.00046.001_large.jpg My dear friend

I must write you a line or two—but it will be a short letter—I am on my way back to Camden, stopping here only temporarily. Have had a very successful summer trip—have jaunted over 3000 miles, no mishaps, and generally everything working in well—have met with many friends, & kindness & good will everywhere—I am as well as usual again the last two months, indeed I think I am better than usual—the climate  upa.00046.002_large.jpg country &c agree with me & I almost hate to leave them. Dr and Mrs Bucke have been like brother & sister, unvaryingly kind & helpful & affectionate—(Dr has several times spoken of you)

—I rec'd​ your letter of a month since1—My brother & sister are well, & matters as usual with them—Dr B wishes to be remembered—he has come on to the Falls with me. Peter Doyle has also come on from Washington, to spend a short time here & then return  upa.00046.003_large.jpg with me to Philadelphia. Love to you dear friend, & to Beatrice, Herbert & Grace—

Walt Whitman  upa.00046.004_large.jpg


  • 1. On August 22, Anne Gilchrist wrote to Whitman about her family, and concluded: "Send me a line soon, dear Friend—I think of you continually & know that somewhere & somehow we are to meet again & that there is a tie of love between us that time & change & death itself cannot touch." [back]
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