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Walt Whitman to Herbert Gilchrist, 15 April 1883


I am down here for a few days—Mrs. S.​ has had a severe fit of illness—three weeks—one week quite alarming—but is now better—to day—is up—& has been down stairs once or twice for a few minutes—with luck & good weather the doctor thinks she will get around again as usual before long

—Nothing specially new with me—I keep about as usual—have had a fair winter—Dr Bucke's book is being printed & is to have your intaglio for a frontispiece2—it arouses the strongest opinions pro and con—(Dr B. & several,—including myself,—decidedly like it)

Love to you, to your dear M.​ & to G​ .

W W  upa.00076.002_large.jpg


  • 1. This letter is addressed: Herbert H Gilchrist | Keats' Corner 12 Well Road | Hampstead | London England. It is postmarked: Gibbsborough, N.J. | Apr | 16 | 1883; Philadelphia | A(?) | 1(?) | 1883 | Pa. [back]
  • 2. A saccharine, Millet-like portrait of Whitman. In his reply on April 29, Herbert noted that "John Burroughs was very violent against my intaglio." [back]
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